Middletown, NY Auto Crashes Into Wall, May 1910


Middletown, N.Y., May 29. - A big touring car containing GEORGE McFARLAN, a banker; District Attorney R. L. GAWTHORP; ISAAC REYNOLDS and C. M. BERNARD, all of West Chester, Penn., was wrecked near here tonight. MR. BERNARD is in the hospital in this city suffering with a severe scalp wound, a dislocated hip and a badly sprained arm. MR. REYNOLDS was badly bruised. He also is in the hospital.
The party was on its way from West Chester to Newburg on a pleasure trip over Memorial Day.
While attempting to pass another automobile, MR. McFARLAN, who was driving, lost control of the steering gear. The car struck a stone wall, throwing out MESSRS. BERNARD and REYNOLDS, and then rebounded and went into the ditch on the other side of the road, where MESSRS. McFARLAN and GAWTHORP were also thrown out. A passing automobile brought the injured men to the hospital.

Middlebury Register Vermont 1910-06-03