Westbury, NY Train Wreck, May 1906

Train Grinds Men and Autos

P. F. Collier's Flying Machine Hits Flying Train.

Westbury, L. I., May 22 - While running at rate of 40 miles per hour, a big touring automobile belonging to P. F. Collier dashed into an eastbound express train at the depot crossing here tonight. The two occupants of the machine, GEORGE BISHOP. the chauffeur, and FREDERICK WHITEHEAD, a valet in the Collier family, were instantly killed, and the machine wrecked. The men were on their way to the Meadow Brook Club.

Bishop apparently did not see or hear the approaching express train. About 200 yards from the crossing George Waster, a butcher, rushed out into the road and tried to warn the chauffeur of the approaching train, but apparently he did not understand, for the speed of the machine was unchecked.

Twenty yards from the crossing Bishop threw on the breaks, but the momentum carried the automobile along at apperently [sic] undiminished speed. The machine crashed into the second car of the train with a loud report, as if the gasoline tank had exploded. the automobile was caught between the rear trucks of a car and dragged along for nearly half a mile before the train was stopped. Bishop and Whitehead were pinioned in the wreck and carried along with the train. The men were literally ground to pieces.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 23 May 1906