Port Jervis NY Carr's Rock Train Wreck, Apr 1868

Frightful Railway Accident!!

The Corning Journal issued an extra last Wednesday, giving the horrible particulars of an accident to the Lightning Express on the Erie Railway, going east, on the morning of that day by which four cars, containing upward of 100 passengers, were precipitated down an embankment 200 feet. The accident occurred at Carr's Rock, 16 miles west of Port Jervis, at four o'clock.

The slaughter was frightful. The Journal prints a list of upward of seventy killed and hurt. Twenty dead bodies had been recovered but the number will probably reach 35 or 40. If, as is stated, there were 100 passengers in the three sleeping cars, it can hardly be expected that any of them escaped damage. The rear car took fire and was consumed. Among the killed we notice the names of E. BLOSSOM, formerly proprietor of the Brainard House, Elmira, and J. S. DUNHAM, Binghamton. Among the wounded are S. B. FAIRMAN, of the Elmira Advertiser, LEWIS PARKER and A. E. BROWN, Bath, N. W. GOKEY, Addison, J. B. FLOYD, Chemung, A. L. SMITH and MRS. REYNOLDS, Hornellsville, D. D. RODGERS and W. HADGER, Corning, W. B. DECKER, Waverly, J. DECKER, and MRS. D. NOBLE, Elmira, the two latter supposed to be fatally hurt.

Nearly all were seriously injured. It is further stated that some villains robbed the dead – something hardly credible. The cause of the accident is said to have been a broken rail. However, so long as trains are run at a speed of 30 miles an hour around a curve like that at Carr's Rock, a broken rail will not be necessary to ensure disaster, soon or late. We trust that the affair may be fully investigated, and the guilty, if any there be, severely punished.

The Tioga County Agitator Pennsylvania 1868-04-22