Otisville, NY Train Accident, Aug 1915

Youth Is Instantly Killed By Train At Otisville Station

Wednesday afternoon, about 5 o’clock, MERLYN L. FISHER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Simpson D. FISHER, residing near Otisville, was struck by Erie train 41, eastbound, at the Otisville station, and instantly killed.

The young man had apparently started to walk up the track to his home A way freight train was standing on the westbound track, and when those at the station saw the eastbound train approaching they sought to warn the young man of his danger and he turned about, but did not succeed in getting off the track in time and the body was hurled some distance. When the horrified witnesses saw what had occurred, they hurried to where the body lay and carried it from the track, it being evident at the first glance that life was extinct, as there was a bad wound on the head and one leg and one arm were broken besides other injuries.

Coroner J.H. HARDING of this city was notified at once and as soon as he reached the scene, gave orders regarding the disposition of the body, which was taken in charge by Undertaker W. T. CORNELIUS, of this city.

Merlyn T. FISHER was born at Port Jervis, February 25, 1896, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Simpson D. Fisher, being 19 years, five months and nine days of age at the time of his death. He had resided with his mother and sister, near Otisville, for the past year, his father being employed at Elizabeth, N.J. The young man had not been at home the night before, having had occasion to be absent, and it is supposed was intending to go home when he met his death. His aged mother was not aware that the accident had happened until some time after it occurred, and the shock is a severe one for here to bear. The deceased was a temperate young man, highly esteemed by his acquaintances and the accident has saddened the hearts of all who knew him.

Besides his parents, the young man is survived by two sisters and two brothers, Arthur S., of this city; Russell D., of New York, Hazel E., of this city, and Lorraine, at home. Mrs. William Colby of this city, and Mrs. Joseph Taylor, of Newark, N.J., are aunts of the deceased.

The funeral notice appears elsewhere.

Middletown Daily Times, Middletown, NY 5 Aug 1915