Canajoharie, NY Train Wreck, Sept 1889

Fatal Railroad Wreck.

[By Associated Press.]

Canajohara, N. Y. , Sept 28--The killed in the wreck at Palatine are: REV. PRENTICE DUVE, of Dayton, Ohio; SADIE BOYD, of Westport, N. Y., a servant and CHARLES FRANKLIN, porter. Injured: William H. Manning, of Marquette, Mich., who will probably die; Mrs. W. D. Manning, of Westport, a bride, not seriously; Miss Tate of Fredonia, cuts; Engineer Horth, dangerously; R. A. Fowler, of New York seriously; William H. McEvoy, H. J. Lewis, W. H. England, of New York, slightly. Several others were injured slightly. The special car of President Ingalls, of the “Big Four” railroad, and that of President Ledyard, of the Michigan Central train, were wrecked, but none of their party were injured.

New York, Sept 28.--The following particulars of the railroad disaster at Palatine bridge last night, were received by the New York Central official’s: The engine of the first section of the train broke its cylinder head and stopped. It was composed of one baggage car, three coaches, one sleeper and a “Big Four” and Michigan Central private car in the order named.. The section composed of one baggage car and six sleepers, ran into the first section. The Michigan Central private car had its rear end broken. In this car was the President of the Michigan Central, H. B. Ledyard, who escaped uninjured. M. E. Ingalls was in a private car the third from the rear. He escaped unharmed, but Mrs. Ingalls received slight injuries about the limbs. The porter of the car which Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls occupied was killed--name unknown. Four persons in the Buffalo sleeper were killed, but up to the present time their names are not received here. The following persons are reported injured: William McElroy, New York; Mary Pate, Fredonia; William H. Manning and wife, Marlette, Michigan---Manning has since died; R. E. Fowler, of New York; H. J. Lewis, of the New York Cotton Exchange. Engineer Horth, of the second section, had both legs injured.

Another Account.

Palatine Bridge, N. Y., Sept 28.--The St. Louis express, which left Albany last night, met with an accident two miles west of here about midnight. The first section broke down and stopped for repairs. The rear brakeman was sent back to signal the second section. The first section was made up of baggage, mail, express and three passenger cars packed with people and a sleeper on the end. The second section telescoped into the first section, knocking out the lights and plunging everything into darkness. A number of passengers were killed and injured.

Weekly Gazette Stockman, Reno, NV 3 Oct 1889


The injured by the Palatine Bridge Disaster.

Canajoharie, N. Y., Sept 30.--The condition of Mrs. Wm. H. Manning who was injured in the New York Central wreck near Palatine Bridge on Friday night, is much improved. Miss Tate is still in a dangerous condition. She suffered much from hemorrhages and from the injuries to her jaw and neck. Wm. H. McElroy, of New York, passed a quiet day and is considered out of danger.

Saturday Herald, Decatur, IL 5 Oct 1889