Bay View, NY Train Wreck, Mar 1890


One Section of an Express Train Crashes Into the Other.

More Than a Score of Persons Killed or Injured.

Six persons have been killed and about twenty injured in a railroad accident on the Lake Shore road at Bay View, nine miles from Buffalo, N. Y., by the Chicago Express breaking in two, and the two sections then coming into collision.

The killed were:
MR. AND MRS. STEWART, of Rochester.
MRS. J. D. BAUCUS, Rome, N. Y.
J. SWAN, the colored porter.
JOHN W. FLYNN, of Canton, Ohio.
JOHN T. POWER, of Pittsfield, Mass.

The two sections of the wrecked train arrived at Buffalo about 1 o'clock in the morning with the dead and injured. The bodies were placed on trucks in the baggage room and the injured were removed to the hospitals or hotels.

Pullman Conductor FEST said the stream coupling broke in pulling out of Dunkirk, leaving them without steam. When near West Hamburg he made the startling discovery that the train had broken. He pulled the air-brake cord and found that it would not work. He ran to the third car and found, the air-brake there also useless. He was just turning the brakes when the crash came. The first section had, on finding that there had been a split, stopped, and the second section, going down grade, crashed into it. He yelled for the porter, and they went in and saw five persons pinned in the smoking room of the car Galena, and they helped them. Their escape was almost miraculous, as they got out with slight injuries.

The collision jammed the Galena right under the passenger coach in the rear, which was thrown on top of it. Of those in the Galena two were killed, nine injured, and one unknown man escaped.