Fort Edward, NY Passenger Train Plunges Through Bridge, Oct 1883



Fort Edward, N. Y., Oct. 22 -- Train No. 78 of the Glen's Falls Branch of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad went through the bridge over the Glen's Falls feeder to the Champlain Canal, about 80 rods north of Fort Edward, to-day. The engine crossed the bridge, but the baggage and passenger cars went down into the water and were totally wrecked. About 20 passengers were aboard the train. The list of the killed is as follows:
DALLAS CRIPPEN, of Glen's Falls.
MR. WINCOP, of Gloversville.
MRS. MICHAEL MOHOHIN, of Glen's Falls.
The following were wounded:
J. B. THEISE, fatally injured.
THOMAS E. CONNORS, of Glen's Falls, legs broken and shoulder sprained.
PATRICK HOWARD, fireman, badly injured internally.
THOMAS BRADLY, brakeman, of Glen's Falls, leg broken and internally injured.
JOHN JENKINS, conductor, face and head badly cut.
EDWARD DEAL, engineer, cut about the head.
MRS. B. THEISE, of Fort Edward, arm broken and head badly cut.
MRS. L. M. HAMLAND, of Fort Edward, head and side injured.
MRS. ANNA TISDALE, of Whitehall, slightly injured about the chest.
THOMAS LOOMIS, baggageman, shoulder sprained.
CHARLES SCHEFFERS, expressman, shoulder dislocated.
CHARLES CALESTRASKI, foot bruised and head cut.
JAMES LOOMIS, of Sandy Hill, bruised and cut.
JAMES C. McINTIRE, of Ticonderoga, leg broken and injured internally.
ABRAHAM WING, of Fort Edward, head and neck cut.
MRS. C. W. CARR, of Fort Edward, cut about the head and body bruised.
N. GOLDSTEIN, pack peddler, of Glen's Falls, badly cut about the head.
JACOB GOLDSTEIN, slightly injured.
JOHN H. MESICK, proprietor of the Albin Hotel, Saratoga, head and chest injured.
MRS. FLORENCE STODDARD, of Fort Edward, injured about limbs and head.
JOHN CASHION, of Glen's Falls, concussion of spine.
Every person on the train was injured except the newsboy, EDDIE WHITE, of Lake George.

The New York Times New York 1883-10-23