Hornellsville, NY Freight Train Derails Race Horses Killed, May 1895


Three Men and Ten Valuable Horses Were Killed.

Hornellsville, N. Y., May 13 -- A bad wreck took place on the western division of the Erie three miles west of here. Fast freight No. 92 was thrown in the ditch by a broken wheel, and ten cars were piled up in a confused heap. The accident occurred when the train was making fast time, and the cars were on that account completely shattered.
One of the cars that was in the wreck was from Mercer, Pa., and contained horses that were being taken east to enter the races. There were 18 horses in this part that were attended by their grooms.
Three men were killed in the wreck, and all of them were grooms. Their names are unknown, FOSTER, one of the managers of the car of horses had several ribs, both arms and a leg broken. It is thought that besides this he has sustained internal injuries. The physicians say that he cannot live.
Two other men whose names are unknown were severely injured. PATRICK SHANNELLY, a brakeman, was thrown in the air when the accident occurred. An ankle was broken, and his head was badly cut. Ten of the horses that were in the car were killed.
Following is a list of the killed and injured.
Killed are:
S. M. STEWART of Mercer, Pa., owner of 16 horses.
ROBERT PLATER, Mercer, Pa., a well known horse buyer.
An Unknown Negro Groom.
The injured are:
L. P. FOSTER, Sandy Lake, Pa., owner of two horses.
There were 11 horses killed. Their names cannot be learned as FOSTER is insensible and the names are not on waybills. Instead of ten cars there were 30 in the train, drawn by engine 632. Conductor HARTNETT, and J. A. OAKES, engineer. The car containing the horses was telescoped and the men thrown into the front end where the horses piled into them. STEWART was found under three horses. PLATER'S head was cut off, and STEWART'S intestines projected.

Ticonderoga Sentinel New York 1895-05-16