Rochester, NY Destructive Fire May 1846


A fire broke out at Rochester, N.Y., on Saturday morning in the billiard room of Geo. W. Hall, adjoining the office of the Democrat, and in a short time the whole block, from the Arcade on Buffalo Street, to Hamilton's book store on State Street, was enveloped in flames.
The third story of the corner building was occupied by Strong & Dawson, of the Daily Democrat. Most of the types and cases were removed - the presses and other fixtures were destroyed. Insured for $2,000, which will probably nearly or quite cover the loss. John Burns, owner of the Buildings, was insured about $4,500, which will probably cover the loss. Jewett & Gates, clothing store; damaged only by water - goods mostly removed.
Milliman & Co., shoe store - goods mostly got out.
Sage & Brother, book store - damaged $2,500, principally by water - fully insured.
John Carrington, City Recess - damage trifling.
Wm. Haight, barber shop; loss trifling.
Geo. W. Hall, billiard saloon, loss about $100. The tables were entirely destroyed, belonging to A. Van Slyck, valued at about $1,000.
C. A. Burr, jewelry and watch store; goods mostly removed; insured for $6,000, entirely covering the loss.
E. T. Oatly & Co., shoe store, goods mostly removed; insurance sufficient to cover the loss.
A. Morgan, law office; books removed.
Maltby Strong, doctor's office, and P. B. Cook, land agency office; books, &c., saved.
The Arcade narrowly escaped, with slight damage from fire.

American Republican and Baltimore Daily Clipper Maryland