Hunter's Point, Long Island, NY Empire Lard Oil Works Fire, Aug 1883



The Fire Still Blazing -- The Loss Already Half a Million.

First Dispatch.
Hunter's Point, Long Island, Aug. 22 -- A fire is raging in the Empire Oil works in this place. One man has been burned to death.
The Particulars.
New York, Aug. 22 -- A fire broke out shortly after 11 o'clock this morning in the packing house of the Empire Oil Works, Long Island City. The shop is a brick structure 250 feet by 300 feet. Over 1,000 men and boys are employed in the shop and wildest excitement prevailed among them. The flames spread rapidly and the shop was soon a seething mass of flames with which the local fire department was totally unable to cope. The tin shop, a building 175 by 250 feet, next caught and was followed by the barrel shop about the same size. The flames next spread to one of the largest agitators in the yard, containing 50,000 barrels of oil. The Brooklyn fire department was called on for aid and several engines quickly responded, but although they worked hard the flames spread in every direction. The HOWE lard oil works are in great danger. The damage already done is estimated at $500,000, PATRICK COONEY, a workman, was very badly burned, and three other workmen were injured severely. JAMES CLARE was badly injured by a falling wall. The fire is believed to have been caused by a workman accidentally dropping a hot soldering iron into a keg of lard oil.

The Oshkosh Northwestern Wisconsin 1883-08-22