Lower Bay, NY Accident On Steamship FULTON, Oct 1841



On Tuesday, while some experiments were in progress on board the United States steam ship Fulton, in the Lower Bay, a 42 pound gun burst carrying terrible destruction with it; killing SAMUEL SNOWMAN, seaman, and JOSEPH PHILBROOK, ordinary seaman; and dreadfully wounding JOSHUA WYMAN, quarter gunner; RUSSEL SMITH, carpenter's mate; LEVI LAWSON, seaman; THOMAS SMITH, ordinary seaman; RICHARD BELL, landsman; and JOHN COOPER, seaman.
The gun broke in two outside of the carriage and split in the breech - the two parts of the breech taking different directions, one landed on the starboard side - (the gun was on the larboard) - the other went forty feet aft, carrying away the dispensary and Purser's store rooms, and iron stancheons, and than staving in both starboard steam chimneys which added to the horror of the scene by filling the ship with steam. The spar deck is all knocked up. Lieutenant STRONG was thrown fifteen feet in the air, falling on the hammock netting, without material injury.
The experiments in progress were to test the capacity of the gun to carry a 64 pound shot or shell. Ten pounds of powder had been several times tried, and the charge was increased to 12, with the above terrible result, on the 6th fire. There was no one within 20 feet of the gun when it exploded, the charge being ignited with a slow match. - Brother Jonathan.

Sunbury American and Shamokin Journal Pennsylvania