East Albany, NY Railroad Accident, Oct 1868



East Albany, Oct. 24. -- A serious accident occurred last night at a point two and a half miles south of this place on the Hudson River Railroad. The 6:30 New York Express, while coming north at full speed, ran on a broken rail, breaking the train in two. The engineer felt the jar and immediately shut off steam and whistled down brakes, but was too late. The engine, baggage and two express cars passed over in safety, but the smoking, two passengers and two sleeping cars were hurled from the track, the smoking car turning over three times before it finally lodged on the ground at the foot of an embankment ten feet high, on the east side of the track. The sleeping car was not very badly smashed, but the two passenger cars and the smoking car are wrecks. Fortunately the stoves in the cars were securely fastened and did not upset, so that no one was burned.
About twenty-five persons were injured, several very seriously, as follows:
MRS. M. C. TAYLOR, of Reading, Penn., killed.
JOHN DAVIDSON, Lyons, Wayne County, N. Y., killed., his wife was also on the train, but escaped with a slight injury.
PITNEY T. SEXTON, Palmyra, Wayne County, N.Y., bruised.
E. M. BAILEY, Rochester, N.Y., badly injured.
JOHN HERMESTON, Philadelphia, wife and three children. MR. HERMESTON is bruised and burned; the others escaped with slight injuries.
J. ADOLPHUS, Auburn, N.Y., bruised; wife is badly injured about the head.
JAMES W. ROGERS, of Rochester, injured in the spine and right side.
JULIUS and OTTO RIDMANN, New York, father and son; the former injured badly on leg, side and head; the son cut and bruised about the head.
W. D. MURPHY, Cortland, badly injured.
A German, name unknown, collar-bone broken.
The engineer, Wm. B. Reese, escaped injury. The fireman sustained some slight bruises. About twenty other passengers were slightly injured. The accident is attributed to carelessness on the part of the railroad company, in failing to have a splintered rail repaired.
A number of prominent railroad men were on board, of whom MR. DAVIDSON was the only one hurt.
The 11 o'clock mail train from here last night also ran on a broken rail, near Yost, about forty miles west. All the cars were thrown off, and some of them were very badly smashed. No one, however, was hurt, and trains on both roads are running regularly again.

List of the Killed and Injured.
Albany, N.Y., Oct. 25. -- The following is a correct list of the serious casualties at the railroad accident below Greenbush last night. Quite a number sustained slight bruises and flesh wounds whose names could not be ascertained, as they went West:
MRS. M. C. TYLER, of North East, Erie County, Pennsylvania; instantly killed, her head being crushed. Her remains were sent West last night.
JOHN DAVIDSON, railroad contractor, of Lyons, Wayne County, N. Y.; very badly wounded in the head. After he was taken from the wreck he became insensible, and so continued up to the time of his death, which occurred at the Delavan House Saturday morning at eight o'clock. It is supposed his skull was fractured. His remains were sent West in the noon express.
MRS. JOHN DAVIDSON was considerably injured, but she accompanied her husband's remains home.
DEDRICH BRICER, of Syracuse, collar bone broken.
M. D. MURPHY, President of a bank at Port Byron, but a resident of Cortland, seriously injured in the back and head.
MRS. J. ADOLPHUS, of Auburn, very badly hurt in the side and head.
A. HARISH, of Auburn, hurt on the head.
MR. and MRS. HERMESTON, of Philadelphia, these persons occupied a seat near the stove, which was overturned upon them, bruising MR. H's right leg and burning him very seriously in the back. MRS. HERMESTON, escaped with some slight burns but was able to take charge of the two little children who accompanied them.
MRS. GILBERT, of Buffalo, injured in the ankle and shoulder.
W. ROGERS JEROME, of Rochester, burnt on the back and leg.
MR. RHINEMAN and son OTTO, about 12 years of age, of Rochester, both injured on the head.
C. L. BULKLEY, New York, head, shoulders and hip.
D. BARNUM, New York, leg.
D. W. WILLIAMS, Waltham, Mass., head, hand and back.
H. ABBOTT, Peekskill, shoulder and legs.
E. COWAN, Troy, bruises about the person and hands.
PLINY T. SEXTON, Palmyra, N.Y., bruised about the head.
E. M. BAILEY, Rochester, badly bruised.
WM. PATRICK, New York, bruised.
A. G. GILLET, Philadelphia, bruised.

The Sun New York City 1868-10-26