Albany, NY Warehouse Fire, Sep 1889



Albany, N. Y., Sept. 10. -- P. J. McArdle's large rag and general paper stock warehouse was totally destroyed by fire Monday afternoon. The fire was due to spontaneous combustion of a pile of rags in the third story. So quickly did the fire spread through the grease saturated building that the employees, consisting of about fourteen women and girls at work in the sorting room and ten men and boys in the office or about the building were forced to jump for their lives. The majority leaped to the roof of a neighboring house and escaped. CARRIE SWARTZ jumped into the yard and crashed through the roof of an outhouse, breaking her arm and several ribs and sustaining internal injuries. MRS. ELLEN MACK jumped from the fourth story, a distance of seventy feet and fell upon a pile of scrap iron. She fractured her left wrist and received numerous cuts about the face and head, besides severe burns. Her condition is critical. RICHARD GAMBLE, a book-keeper, lost his life. He went to the top of the building just before the fire began and his escape was cut off. In his endeavor to avoid the flames he fell through the shaft and was badly cut and and bruised, but the inhalation of the flame was the direct cause of his death. MRS. ELLEN FRANK, who jumped from the fourth story, and MRS. ELLEN McSHANE, who fell through the elevator shaft, sustained fractures of the limbs and severe bruises, but not necessarily fatal injuries. Several others received severe injuries.
The property destroyed was valued at $80,000, and was fully insured.

Logansport Journal Indiana 1889-09-11