Holbrook, Long Island, NY Train-Bus Wreck Kills 3, Dec 1935


Two Others on Way to School
Critically Hurt at Unguarded
Street in Holbrook, Long Island


Accused of Failing to Stop at
Tracks, but He Makes Denial
— 2 Sisters Are Victims

HOLBROOK, L. I., Dec. 20 —
Three children were killed here at
8 A. M. today when a Long Island
Railroad express train traveling bet
v een sixty and sixty-five miles an
hour struck a school bus a t t he
Broadway grade ' crossing. The
crossing is unprotected except for
a "Stop, Look and Listen" sign on
the southwest corner.
Two other children and the bus
operator were critically injured.
The impact of the collision tore the
body of the bus from the chassis
and tossed both parts to the top of
a fifteen-foot embankment.
The dead and injured were:
The Dead.
BEDELL, ALICE, 18 years old, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bedell of Railroad
Avenue, Holbrook.
BEDELL, EDNA, 17, sister of Alice.
SECAMP, ROBERT, 17, son of Mr. and
Mrs. John D. Secamp of Hauser Avenue,
The Injured.
RING, AUGUST, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs.
August Ring Sr. of La Verne Avenue, Holbrook;
concussion of the brain, shock,
possibly internal Injuries; taken to his
NAGLE. ELEANOR, 15, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Matthew Nagle of Tait Street,
Holbrook; compound fracture of the right
arm, abrasions of the head, multiple contusions
of the body, shock; taken to
Southside Hospital, Bay Shore.
BLASKE, AUGUST, 30, of Lincoln Avenue,
Sayville, operator of the bus; fracture
of the right leg, fracture of the skull,
multiple contusions; taken to Southside
The bus was proceeding north in
Broadway when struck by the
train, headed west from Greenport
to Ronkonkoma and Pennsylvania
Station. Usually the Bedell sisters
waited for the bus near their, home
north of the tracks. This morning,
however, they walked south of the
tracks, mailed Christmas cards at
the Holbrook Postoffice, and there
boarded the bus eighty-five feet
from the scene of the accident.
Bus Operator Arrested.
Blaske, the bus operator, was arrested
on a technical charge of
manslaughter. A police guard was
established at his bedside in the
hospital. District Attorney L. Barron
Hill and Coroner Grover A.
Silliman said a preliminary investigation
indicated that Blaske had
failed to bring the bus to a stop before
starting to drive it across the
tracks. Failure to do this at a railroad
crossing is a violation of the
State Motor Vehicle and Traffic
George Raff, foreman of the Islip
Town Highway Department, at
work 500 yards from the crossing,
heard the crash and hurried to the
scene in an automobile.
" I saw bodies lying all over the
ground," he said.
The foreman ran to the post office
and telephoned to Southside Hospital
and Dr. King's Hospital, Bay
Shore, for ambulances and medical

Dec. 21, 1935 edition of The New York Times