New York, NY Storm, Aug 1895


Terrific Wind, Rain and Lightning Storm at New York.


Trolley Car Struck by Lightning--Boats Capsized--

New York, Aug. 5.---Several severe squalls, accompanied by lightning and a great downpour of rain, struck this city and surrounding territory last evening, a number of accidents being reported. Two men were drowned by the capsizing of a yacht at the Narrows.

Two adults and one child were drowned in the East river and a trolley car in the annexed district was struck by lghtning[sic], half a dozen persons being injured. It is feared that a number of accidents to boating parties will yet be reported.

During the afternoon storm the wind blew at the rate of 60 miles an hour. The rainfall during the afternoon was 1.02 of an inch. The mercury, which rose to 77 degrees at 12:20 p.m., fell to 62 degrees thereafter. Excursionists to the many nearby resorts were caught in the showers, and the returning boats and trains in the evening were uncomfortably crowded.

Tacoma Daily News, Tacoma, WA 5 Aug 1895