New York, NY Ocean Liner MUENCHEN Fire, Feb 1930


Fire Still Smouldering Below Deck In Wrecked Hulk of the Muenchen

(By Associated Press)

New York, Feb. 12.--With fire still smoldering below the deck the North German Lloyd Liner Muenchen today lay resting on the river bed at the Hudson river pier, a wrecked hulk from fire and explosion that swept her yesterday. Two engine companies were still pumping water into the hold of this ship in their efforts to extinguish the smoldering fire and permit them to search for the body of Gustav Francke, third electrician of the liner, who was believed to have been trapped in the vessel and burned in death. In addition to Francks, a fireman lost his life when he was blown from a fire boat into the water by force of one of the explosions. The up-town Hudson river tube which operates subway trains, was reopened for traffic at 6 o'clock this morning. The tube has been closed since 2 p.m. yesterday as a precautionary measure.

Early today fire officials withdrew all but two engine companies and permitter[sic] the firemen to board the ship after they had decided that a spread of the fire to the forward hold, where other explosions might occur, had been prevented. Five firemen were overcome as they boarded the vessel, but later returned for work.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 12 Feb 1930

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