South Beach, NY Yacht Capsizes, Jun 1892


A Yacht Capsizes With Two Women in the Cabin, They Are Rescued, but One Dies From Her Injuries.


The sloop yacht James Carroll, of Keyport, N. J., owned by T. L. Seebrooke, with a party of guests on board, was caught in the squall on Thursday night in the lower bay and was capsized. One of the women, who was on board of the yacht died at South Beach, S. I., yesterday afternoon, from the injuries she sustained.

Aboard the yacht, besides the owner, were A. Morris, of Keyport; Mrs. Bella Holmes and Miss Ellen Rue, both of Hightstown, N. J. The party left Red Bank early in the morning and sailed to Stapleton, S. I. They were returning to Red Bank and were in the lower bay, about two miles off Elm Tree lighthouse at New Dorp, S. I., when a severe squall was seen approaching. Captain Seebrooke, who was sailing the boat, took no heed, but continued to sail the yacht under full sail.


The two women were ordered into the cabin to escape the rain while the yacht was kept bowling along. A moment later she was struck by the squall and capsized. The two men were thrown into the bay while the two women were imprisoned in the cabin. The men succeeded in reaching the overturned boat, and with great difficulty succeeded in getting the women out of the cabin.

Then all four clung to the capsized boat for nearly and hour. The boat became waterlogged and was fast sinking, when the shipwrecked party was seen by several boatmen on South Beach. They rowed out to them without delay and succeeded in rescuing the men and women, who were clinging to the bowsprit of the yacht, just as the boat sank.


The quartet was taken to South Beach, where they were landed in an exhausted condition. Mrs. Holmes, who was a stout woman, was severely injured while clinging to the capsized yacht by being dashed against the yacht by the waves. She was removed to the round house, where she was attended by Dr. T. J. Thompson, of Clifton, who stated that she had received fatal internal injuries. She died at three o'clock yesterday afternoon. Coroner Martin Hughes of Clifton was notified and the body was removed to the Morgue.

Mr. Seebrooke when seen at South Beach yesterday said Mrs. Holmes was a married woman, but was divorced from her husband. She was fifty years of age. At Keyport, N. J., it was learned last night that Mrs. Holmes lived with a family named Pease at that place. She left the house on Tuesday, saying she was going to Philadelphia for three or four days. She was expected home yesterday.

New York Herald, New York, NY 25 Jun 1892