New York, NY Automobile Accidents, Sept 1920

Two killed, seven hurt in B.R.T. strike bus

NEW YORK, September 5, 1920 - Six persons were killed and thirteen
Injured yesterday in automobile accidents
in the city and vicinity, the death
list included two killed and seven injured
in the wreck of a heavy commercial
"truck" called into use in Brooklyn,
because of the strike on the B.R.T.
lines. Two of the dead were eight-year-old
boys, and one of the injured men
was run down twice — the second time as
he was leaving the physician's office
where he had gone for treatment of the
injuries received when he was run down
the first time.
Handling the overflow of passengers
from the crippled B.R.T. lines, a big
commercial truck swung over toward
Pilling Street from Broadway. At the
wheel was Altro Rubin of 3927 Industrial
Avenue, Flint, Mich., who had
come East to share in the B.R.T. bus
harvest. Twenty passengers were riding
in the truck. Just as Rubin was
about to turn the Pilling Street corner,
another car swept up Broadway.
A quick snatch at the wheel and Rubin's
car dashed for the sidewalk. The
Michigan chauffeur stepped on his
brakes, but not in time. The heavy
truck crashed through the plate glass of
John Kraneer's store at 1755 Broadway.
It ground its way across the shop and
smashed its way through the Pilling
Street wall. At the curb, hundreds just
coming down the steps of the Church of
Our Lady of Lourdes, opposite, saw the
truck halt. Nine of the passengers had
failed to make the trip safely. Two
men, their heads almost cut off, were
dead; seven others were bleeding from
The Dead.
BEYER, WILLIAM, 7112Jefferson Street,
SCHXELIER, PETER, 230 Jefferson Street,
The Injured.
Street, Manhattan.
FREEMAN, GUSSIE, 60 years old, East
FRIEDHOFPER, MORRIS, 289 Christopher
Street, Brooklyn.
FUCHS, SAMUEL, 84 Columbia Street,
GOLDSTEIN, PHILIP, 202 South First
Street, Brooklyn.
GROPPE, MARTIN, 126 Kenmare Street,
STROHEN, HYMAN, 304 Stanhope Street,
Rubin was arrested on a technical
charge of homicide. He was also
charged with operation of a motor vehicle
without a license.
Sept. 6 edition of The New York Times