Jamaica, NY Trolly Car - Wagon Wreck, May 1901

Ran Into Trolley Car

Pleasure Party Comes to grief on Long Island.

Two Men Carried Home Dead

Five of the Party in the Hospital and the Remainder of the 26 Merry-Makers Were More of Less Bruised--The Motorman Under Arrest.

New York, May 12.-Of 26 young people who started from College Point, L.I., last night on what is locally known as a “starlight ride” two were carried home this morning dead, five are in the hospital after having their wounds dressed, and every one of the remainder was more or less bruised. A collision with a trolley car caused the accident. The dead are:

The merry-makers were on their way to a hotel ten miles away, where they were to have had a dance. All were in one wagon, the bottom of which had been filled with straw. It was almost midnight when they reached Distler’s hotel, on the edge of Jamaica. When in front of the house the driver of the wagon tried to cross the tracks of a trolley line in front of an approaching car, but the car struck the rear end of the wagon. The vehicle was demolished. Pickel was burled into the air and fell 30 feet away, his head striking a fire hydrant. Schneider was also thrown into the air and landed head first on the macadam pavement. Both died in a short time.

Miss Mattie Debovise sustained a severe contusion of the chest and hips and was the worst hurt among the injured. The car itself was badly wrecked, but none of the 25 passengers were injured.

The motorman was arrested, though claiming to be without blame in the matter.

Butte Weekly Miner, Butte, MT 15 May 1901