Liverpool, NY Mill Boiler Explosion, Nov 1911


Over a Hundred Also Hurt When Boiler Bursts in Liverpool Mills.

LIVERPOOL, Nov. 24.--Thirty-three workers are known to have been killed and upward of 100 others injured by a boiler explosion which occurred today at the oilcake mills of J. Bobby & Sons.

The force of the explosion was so terrific that the roof of the great mill was blown off, while the walls split and crumbled, and the bodies of the victims hurtled high into the air, mingling with the flashes of flame which instantly followed the bursting of the boilers.

Nearly 400 workers were engaged in the building at the time. Every one was thrown to the ground by the violence of the explosion.

Those near the boiler room had their arms and legs torn off, and their mangled bodies fell into the adjoining streets together with showers of bricks and débris.

Fire immediately started and the whole building was soon burning fiercely. Men could be seen at every window with fire raging behind them, frantically appealling{sic} for rescue. Fire escapes were quickly on the scene and many of the men were saved. The scorched clothing and burned hair of those brought down told of the terrific ordeal through down told of the terrific ordeal through which thy{sic} had gone.

Many of those who were taken to the hospital are suffering from shocking injuries. Some have lost legs and arms and others are fearfully burned. Many of them are not expected to recover.

The New York Times, New York, NY 25 Nov 1911