New York, NY Trolley Car Runs Wild, Sept 1907


Upset Cart, Bumps Car Ahead, and Hurts Two Men.

A car of the New York City Railway Company, without motorman, conductor, or passengers, standing on the northbound track of the surface line on Sixth Avenue at Fiftieth Street, where the company's barn is located, suddenly started off on its own account yesterday afternoon, running up Sixth Avenue at a good rate.

The wild car first bumped into and upset a cart loaded with dirt at the corner of Fifty-first Street. William O'Shea, the driver, was thrown off and bruised about the head and body. He was sent to Roosevelt Hospital.

Next the car collided with the one in front, which was full of passengers, many of them women. Some of them jumped off safely, but George Fortcher of Long Island City was thrown to the street and his ankle broken. He was sent home in a cab.

All the windows in both cars were broken, and there was great excitement among the women and children passengers. None of the passengers except Fortcher was badly hurt. Employes[sic] of the company soon came up in chase of the wild car and cleared the tracks. The railway officials started an investigation to fix the responsibility for the accident.

The New York Times, New York, NY 4 Sept 1907