New York, NY Apartment House Fire, May 1903

Death List is Six

Four Are Dead and Two Fatally Burned in New York Fire.

Of Incendiary Origin

Mother and Her Children Perish Together on the Top Floor.

New York, May 27.-Four persons were suffocated to death and two others were so badly burned that it is feared they will die, in a fire early today in a five-story apartment house at No. 305 West One hundred and thirty-fifth Street.

The fire is said to have been of incendiary origin.

The dead are:
CHARLES WONDLING, age 9 years.
GEORGE WONDLING, aged 6 years.
HELEN WONDLING, age 4 years, all children of Mrs. Wondling.

Those who are believed to be fatally burned are George Wondling and Victor Johnson.

Johnson discovered the fire, and avers seeing the man who started it. He says he saw a man lighting some shavings at the foot of the stairs in the house. The stairs had been soaked with kerosene and some oil dripped on Johnson’s clothing. With his clothes burning, Johnson asserts that he chased the incendiary for several blocks before he fell exhausted.

Other persons say that they saw the man run from the house, pursued by Johnson.

Mrs. Wondling was found dead with her children on the top floor, where they lived.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, TX 27 May 1903

Many Pupils Graduate At Blinn Memorial College

Special to The News.
Brenham, Texas. June 3.-Graduating exercises at Blinn Memorial College were held Monday morning, the commencement address being made by Dr. L.W. Payne Jr. of the University of Texas. President J. L. Neu of the college delivered diplomas to the following graduates:

Academic Course-Edgar Boelsche of Industry, Henrietta Ehlert of Brenham, Harry A. Haverlah of Welcome, Bruno A. Kattner of Riessel, Edward A. Knersch of Seguin, Bernice Knolle of Industry, Edwin A. Kruse of Brenham, Albert A. Niebuhr of Brenham, Katie Peterson of Lexington, Louis E. Senkel of East Bernard, Marvin A. Senkel of East Bernard, Bertha Tolle of Cost, Gilbert Wieting of Marling and Walter Holle of Brenham.

Stenographic-Frank T. Allen of Brenham, Eleanor Becker of Brenham, Margaret Hartman of Brenham, Alice Hruska of Brenham, Grace Simank of Brenham, Marie Wigand of Brenham and Ida Mae Williams of Brenham.

Business Training-Viola Draeger of Seguin, Otto F. Haug of Marlin, Stanley C. Holik of Chrisman, Arnold H. Jund of marlin, Maurice Levine of Brenham, Lee R. Muegge of Brenham, Charles Nerretig Of Copperas Cove, Evelyn Schilling of Brenham, Victor and Arthur Sternberg of Brenham, Travis Phillips of Hempstead, Edina Kuehn of New Ulm and Alfred Stepan of Brenham. Certificates of proficiency in typewriting and penmanship, banking and bookkeeping were also awarded.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 4 Jun 1924