Buffalo, NY Adams Block Fire, Sept 1868


Large Fire in Buffalo.

BUFFALO, Sept. 28.—A fire occurred this evening in Adams Block, Washington street, occasioned by the bursting of a gas pipe in the basement of the Commercial Advertiser office. The large five story building in the rear of the block was entirely destroyed. This building was occupied by Matthews & Warren, proprietors of the Commercial Advertiser, and an extensive job printing office; Adams & Co., wholesale tobacco manufacturers; and Claysack & Co., lithographers. The front building was occupied by the above named parties, and also by the Platt Fruit and Oyster Company, the assessor of internal revenue, and several lawyers. The loss approximates $150,000. Matthews & Warren lost their entire stock of types, presses, paper, &c., valued at $110,000, on which they have an insurance of $68,000. They had eleven steam presses in constant use, and when the news of the fire reached Mr. Matthews, he was packing his valise to proceed to New York to purchase several additional presses. The paper will be issued as usual tomorrow afternoon, by the courtesies of the other city papers.

Claycosack & Co.’s stock was valued at $98,000, on which there was $12,000 insurance.

The Platt Fruit and Oyster Company, Cook & Co., proprietors, lose about $5,000. Their stock was valued at $12,000, on which there was $4,000 insurance.

Adams & Co. had a large stock of tobacco on hand, but the loss can not be ascertained. James Adams, owner of the building, loses about $15,000; insured for $12,000.

The papers of the internal revenue office were saved.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 29 Sept 1868