New York, NY Flushing Bay Drowning, Jun 1891


Supposed Fate of a Party of Young People Missing Since Friday.

NEW YORK, June 8.—A party of five young people who lived in Flushing are supposed to have drowned in Flushing Bay. Last Friday Lizzie Ryan, sixteen years old; her sister Annie, nineteen years old, who live on Madison avenue, Flushing, and Lizzie Bidenbinder, aged nineteen, accepted the invitations of William Hoffman, of College Point, to take a sail on Flushing Bay. “Jobb” Bernard and an unknown young friend of Hoffman were also invited to make up the party. When the sailboat was opposite Donnelly’s Grove, in Flushing Bay, it began leaking, and the unknown young friend of Hoffman insisted on being put ashore. The remainder of the party insisted that they was no danger, but at the young man’s request he was put ashore, and the remainder of the party continued their journey with the remark that they were not afraid of the boat sinking. This afternoon the boat was found floating in the upper bay upside down, and the families of the young people are confident that they are drowned.

Chicago Herald, Chicago, IL 9 Jun 1891