New York City, NY Helicopter Crashes Into Building, Jan 1969


New York (UPI) -- A helicopter pilot spotting traffic for a New York City radio station was killed Friday night when his craft spun wildly out of the sky and into the roof of a three-story Queens apartment building, touching off a roaring fire and causing evacuation of the building.
An eyewitness, said pilot FRANK McDERMOTT, 36, a former Air Force pilot, leaped from the stricken copter just before it struck the building. His body was found in a nearby courtyard.
The fire was fed by exploding fuel from the helicopter. The building was one of three in a row. The other buildings were also evacuated as firemen fought the flames in sub-freezing temperatures.
A spokesman for radio station WOR said McDERMOTT "signed off rather abruptly" at about the time of the crash. The fire burned down as far as the second floor before it was brought under control.

Press-Courier Oxnard California 1969-01-11