New York, NY Rowboat Accident, Jul 1913

One Accident Witnessed by Hundreds When Boat Is Capsized and Two Are Drowned.

NEW YORK, July 7.---The triple holidays of July 4, 5 and 6 brought twenty pleasure-seekers to death by drowning.

One of the accidents was witnessed by hundreds of persons on Riverside Drive.

Joseph Roos and Julius Reiss, two young men who had been cruising with friends in a launch, were trying to get ashore in a small rowboat when the little craft capsized and the men were swept away by a strong tide.

P. M. McTighe, a medical student of Fordham University, swam out into the river and dived time and again in an effort to find the bodies, but he was unsuccessful.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Ft. Worth, TX 7 Jul 1913