Groveland, NY Train Wreck, Feb 1891



Buffalo, N. Y., February 11.
The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western passenger train which left here at 7:20 o'clock last evening, carrying a delegation of Buffalo aldermen and others, on their way to Brooklyn, N. Y. to inspect pavements, met with a serious accident at Groveland, a little station about seven miles beyond Mount Morris. The accident occurred about 9:30 o'clock, and was caused by the collision of the express train with wild cat engine No. 17. The train was running at high speed when it struck the engine just as the latter was moving off the main track on a switch. The express engine was thrown to the east side and turned over. Its tender was on the other side. The wild cat engine way demolished and was on the west side of the track. The engineers and firemen of both engines were seriously hurt. JAMES POWERS, a freight brakeman of Buffalo, who was on the engine, was killed. ALBERT EAGLEHART, fireman on the freight engine, was badly crushed and died at 1 o'clock this morning. Engineer POWERS, uncle of the dead brakeman, and GEARY WELCH, his fireman, were severely injured. CHARLES SCHRIVER, engineer of the freight engine, was badly cut about the head. The passenger train consisted of three baggage cars, two day coaches and two sleepers. About sixty passengers were aboard, but none were injured. The passenger coaches were derailed, but did not tip over. The head baggage car was badly wrecked, and the track for a distance of twenty rods was torn up and the rails twisted. It is marvelous that the accident could have happened with so little damage to the passenger coaches. A wrecking train arrived shortly after the accident and the tracks will be cleared this morning.

Brooklyn Eagle New York City 1891-02-11



Two Men Killed and Three Injured at Groveland, N. Y.

GROVELAND, N .Y. Feb 11 --The Lakawanna train leaving Buffalo at 7:20 last night met with a serious accident at this station. The accident was caused by the collision of express train No. 8 with wild cat engine No. 17. Two men were killed and three injured. The express engine was thrown to the east side of the track and completely turned over. The wild cat engine was demolished and was on the west side of the track. The passengers all received a severe shaking up.

The engineer of the express train, James Powers, was badly crushed and was removed from the wreck in a dying condition. His fireman, name unknown, was fatally injured. JAMES POWERS, nephew of the engineer who was employed on the wild cat engine was injured internally and died within half an hour. The fireman of the wild cat engine ALBERT ENGLEHART, was also killed. The engineer was also badly hurt, but will probably recover. A wrecking train is now at work clearing the tracks.

The Trenton Times, Trenton, NJ 11 Feb 1891.