Erie, NY Train Wreck, Oct 1857

Rail Road Accident.

The train on the Lake Shore railroad due here at 10 A. M., was run into by a freight train, on the freight track of the N. Y. City road, at the crossing, about one mile from the depot, severely injuring several passengers. The Lake Shore train was on time, with seven heavily laden passenger cars. The engine of the freight train struck the third car from the engine of the Lake Shore train almost entirely demolishing it, throwing another down the bank, and two others off the track. The persons injured severely were:
GEORGE WILLIAMS, of Erie, brakeman.
CHAS. LOCKWOOD, Silver Creek.
ALONZO FREEMAN, Buffalo, (resides at 2 Swan street.)
MRS. BURCHARD, Dunkirk slightly.
E. S. BLINEBY, Pontiac, shoulder dislocated.
MRS. HOLCOMB, Silver Creek, slightly.
A man, NAME UNKNOWN, was taken to a house near the place where the accident occurred. He is but slightly injured. Some ten or twelve others were slightly injured, but were able to go about their business.
The Lake Shore road was entitled to the track as they were on time. The engineer of the freight train immediately left, and has not been found; it is thought he has left the city.
Both trains were moving very slow, or the destruction of life would have been great.
It is thought all those injured will recover except the brakeman, and the physicians do not give him up. --- Buff. Com.

The Erie Observer Pennsylvania 1857-10-10