Brooklyn, NY Train - Wagon Wreck, Nov 1902


Grocery Driver's Body Mangled by Car on West End Line at Bath Beach.

NICHOLAS THOMPSON, 52 years old, of Bay Nineteenth street and Benson avenue, Bath Beach, was run over and killed about noon to-day by one of the motor trains on the Bath Beach line. The accident occurred within a few feet of Benson avenue, and a crowd of 300 people gathered around before the body of the victim could be removed from under the car.

THOMPSON was employed by Wolf & Moore, grocers, and was driving a wagon across the car track when it was struck by car No. 490, in charge of Motorman GEORGE PHILLIPS of 208 Fifty-eighth street. The car was on its way to the bridge. The wagon was totally demolished and THOMPSON'S body was wedged in between the car and the truck. He was considerably mangled.

It was necessary to send to Gravesend Beach for a wrecking train, and the car was jacked up and the body of the driver removed.

Roundsman McGUIRE and a squad of policemen were called from the Nineteenth avenue police station, and the motorman was placed under arrest.

Brooklyn Eagle New York City 1902-11-29