Niagara Falls, NY Storm, Jan 1889


The Suspension Foot Bridge Gone and Other Damage Done.

NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y., Jan 11.----The storm raged here with great fury. The suspension foot bridge spanning the Niagara river below the falls was torn from its gables at 3 o'clock this morning and a portion of it lies on either bank, while the center portion of it is at the bottom of the river.

The structure was cut clean from tower to tower.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon the fury of the storm showed no abatement.

The railroads suffered great damage and all trains are delayed several hours. The trains of the Western New York and Pennsylvania, Buffalo and Southwestern, Rochester and Pittsburg and the Nickel Plate railroads are washed out for a distance of several hundred feet at Buffalo creek. The New York Central railroad's trestle on the Niagara Falls branch is submerged and all travel stopped.

At Brundages' elevator, on the American side of the Whirlpool rapids, a two story swept away. At Buttery's elevator, on the American side, Detterick's photograph gallery was swept into the whirlpool.

A part of Mannings' elevator, on the American side, was swept away, and the lower part of the Rapids View elevator is gone. The roof of the International hotel was blown off. Several buildings on the reservation have blown down and many trees destroyed.

The bridge connecting Goat and Sister Islands is in danger.

The dock at the foot of the inclined railway has been swept away. The water in the Niagara river is very high and many buildings on the Canadian shore are in danger. The storm still continues.

The suspension bridge, which was blown down, was completed on Jan. 4, 1860, and was almost entirely rebuilt last year. The bridge was owned by a stock company. A majority of the stock was held by the estate of Delos De Wolf, of Oswego. A temporary bridge will probably be swung from the cables as soon as possible.

The News, Frederick, MD 11 Jan 1889