New York City, NY Fireworks Explosion, July 1928


New York, July 2. -- Six persons are in hospitals today after a Fourth of July arsenal, manufactured by a 17-year-old crippled boy, exploded and spread smoke and flame through the tenement in which he lived.
PHILIP ROSENBLATT, who has never recovered from a case of septic poisoning three years ago, began tinkering with chemicals when he realized his injury would keep him from playing with other children.
His experiments were to reach a climax Wednesday when he was to have staged "the biggest Fourth of July demonstration the neighborhood had ever seen."
The ROSENBLATT family was asleep when the 70 torpedoes got tangled up with radio wires and more than half of them exploded.
PHILIP was hurled from his cot and suffered a fractured skull. MARY MARGARET SNEE, three-months old, also was thrown out of bed in an adjoining apartment and has internal injuries.
Five hours later Inspector ROBERT WITHERS of the fire department was completing his investigation. He wrapped seven of the torpedoes up in a piece of paper. Just as he was thrusting them into his pocket, they exploded.
WITHERS' hands were mangled and probably will have to be amputated.
ESTER ROSENBLATT, 16, sister of PHILIP, was burned, and LOUIS, 11, another of the ROSENBLATT children, suffered bruises. The sixth person injured was Patrolman WILLIAM SEUBERT who was struck in the right eye by debris.

Chronicle Telegram Elyria Ohio 1928-07-02