Ogdensburg, NY Tornado, Jun 1898


An Elevator Unroofed and 820,000 Bushels of Grain Damaged---A Railroad Damaged.

OGDENSBURG, N. Y., June 12.---A violent tornado, accompanied by rain, struck this city at 7 o'clock this evening, and did immense damage along the docks and the railroad yards. The storm approached from a northwesterly direction, and, crossing the St. Lawrence, struck the lower part of the city with tremendous force.

Its path lay through the Central Vermont yards and docks and the Ogdensburg Transit Company's docks. The Ogdensburg Transit Company's elevator was unroofed and the contents---820,000 bushels of corn and oats---almost ruined by the heavy rain and the water which escaped from the broken fire mains in the building.

The roof was carried some distance by the gale, and in falling badly damaged the mill of the Skillings, Whitney & Barnes Lumber Company. The freight cars and tracks of the Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain Railroad were badly damaged.

The New York Times, New York, NY 13 June 1898