New York, NY Ship CHARLES R FLINT Fire, Apr 1896

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She Was Loaded With Case Oil and Exploded on April 24.


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NEW YORK, May 19.---A graphic description of the burning of the four-masted ship Charles R. Fling is furnished by a man named Mohmann, and apprentice on the ill-fated vessel. He says the fire broke out in the after lazerette and made rapid headway. The ship was loaded with thousands of cases of oil, and Captain Carver, fearing its flames would communicate with the oil, ordered the boats out. Mrs. Carver, who remained perfectly cool and collected, took her seat beside her husband. A short time after the ship blew up. The crew were picked up by the Pacific mail steamer Newport and landed at Pernambuco. The Charles R. Flint hailed from Corinto, Nicaragua, and as there was no Nicaraguan Consul at Pernambuco the men had to shift for themselves. The three men who arrived to-day were sent on by the German Consul, all being German subjects.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 20 May 1896