Brooklyn, NY House Fire, Oct 1923


Family Row Suspected When Playwright's Home Burns; Son-in-Law Arrested

NEW YORK, Oct. 18---A sensational aftermath of a fire which last Monday destroyed a Brooklyn home and caused the death of six persons came today with the arrest of William A. Ford, a real estate broker and son-in-law of one of the fire victims, and Raymond Anderson, on charges of murder and arson.

Playwright Dies in Fire

A third man, James R. Lynch, an accountant, was held as a witness and a fourth is being sought as an accomplice.

Ford is the son-in-law of GEORGE KEIM, playwright, whose death in the fire came on the event of the production of his first play, accepted after years of endeavor.

Fire Marshal Brophy declared he had obtained a confession from Anderson.

Was to Have Been Witness

Ill-feeling between Keim and his son-in-law was said to have existed for several years, according to Brophy, and Keim, it was understood, was to have appeared in court to testify against Ford, in an assault case the day of his death.

Anderson, according to Brophy, accused Ford and the unidentified man, also a stranger to him, of having driven to Keim's home early Monday and with having fired the house.

Six Perish in Flames

KEIM, three women and two other men perished in the flames.

Ford and his father-in-law, formerly partners in a Manhattan theatrical enterprise, were said to have broken after a quarrel several years ago.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 18 October 1923