Dresden, NY Train Wreck, Jun 1903


Head-On Collision on the Delaware and Hudson Railroad---Freight Crew Fails to See Signals.

WHITEHALL, N. Y., June 20.---An accident on the Delaware and Hudson Railroad occurred about fifteen miles north of Whitehall, near Dresden, early to-day, resulting in the death of four men and serious injury to two more.

Passenger Train No. 7, known as the sleeper, leaving Whitehall for the north at 2:30 A.M., carried signals for a light engine, which left Whitehall as second section, No. 7, having the same rights of track as the first section. A freight train southbound had side-tracked to allow No. 7 to pass. The crew of the freight train failed to see the signals carried by the first section of No. 7, and they pulled out on the main track just as the light engine, running at a high rate of speed, came along, and the freight engine crashed head on.

Engineer Henry Collins, Fireman Moore, and Brakeman Fred Ryon of the light engine, and Fireman Fred Bellgarde of the freight engine were instantly killed. Engineer Darmody and Brakeman William Cheeney of the freight train were seriously injured. Cheeney probably will die. Wrecking crews from Plattsburg and Whitehall were ordered to the scene, and soon work was commenced clearing away the wreckage. Coroner Jackson had the bodies conveyed to an undertaking establishment in Whitehall, where an inquest was held. He rendered a verdict of accidental death through neglect by the trainmen to obey signals. The tracks are covered with damaged cars, pulp wood is strewn all around, and traffic on the road was tied up for hours. One locomotive was completely demolished. The damage to the railroad company property is heavy.

The New York Times, New York, NY 21 Jun 1903