Herkimer, NY Roundhouse Explosion and Fire, Aug 1901

Explosion Causes Death and Wreck.

Six Men Killed by Dynamite in Herkimer Railroad House.

Little Falls, N.Y., Aug. 19.-The Mohawk and Malone Road House, at Herkimer, was discovered to be on fire at 20:30 to-night. Watchman Gilbert and an engine tender named John Deck, assisted by residents of the vicinity and members of the bridge building gang attempted to extinguish the flames.

While they were battling with the fire a large quantity of dynamite stored in the building exploded with terrific force, killing Gilbert and Deck and four others.

The bodies of the four last mentioned are unrecognizable.

The roundhouse was wrecked and burned. It is feared there are other bodied in the ruins. The roundhouse is owned by the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad. The explosion was heard in many parts of the county.

A number of workmen were sleeping in the roundhouse at the time. J.H. Vosburgh was foreman of the gang. Bricks and fragments of iron were blown several blocks away. All the windows within several blocks were broken and nearby all the plate glass windows in the village were shattered.

The New York Times, New York, NY 20 Aug 1901


Six Blown To Atoms

Dynamite Kills Five Fire Fighters at Herkimer, New York.

Herkimer, N.Y., Aug. 20.-While fighting a fire which was destroying the Mohawk and Malone round house here last night six men were killed by an explosion of a large quantity of dynamite which was stored in the building. Four of the men were literally blown to atoms.

Watchman Gilbert and an engine tender named John Deck were among those killed. The bodies of the other victims of the explosion have been identified. They are: Lewis Jackson, Harry Stansel, James Nagle, Joseph Keller.

Stansel was a student at the Syracuse University, where he was taking a course in architecture.

It is believed that the above list is complete, although it is possible that some of the railroad bridge gang may have been killed.

Grand Rapids Press, Grand Rapids, MI 20 Aug 1901