Larchmont, NY Train Wreck, Dec 1900


Accident to the Northampton Express at Larchmont.

Mount Vernon, N. Y., Dec. 4.--The Northampton express, which left New York at 2 o'clock on the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, was derailed yesterday afternoon at Larchmont. The train was going along at its customary speed of forty miles an hour when the engineer heard a crunching noise, and looking back saw the tender of the locomotive dancing along the ties. He applied the air brakes at once and brought the train to such a sudden stop that some of the passengers were shaken out of their seats. Investigation showed that an axle on the tender had broken in two.

The passengers, numbering several hundred, were transferred to the Gilt Edge express which leaves New York at 8 o'clock and to other trains. Local trains and freight traffic were delayed all evening, as the accident happened on the track nearest the platforms, and passengers had to disembark on the middle tracks.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 4 Dec 1900