Buffalo, NY Grain Elevator Explosion, June 1913

Buffalo NY Husted Mill Elevator after blast.jpg

Fifty were taken to various hospitals, some in a serious condition from burns and broken legs and arms. At the scene of the accident a priest administered the last rites to 26 men who were believed at the time to be mortally hurt. That many of the injured cannot survive their wounds and that the ultimate death list may reach fifteen is an estimate reached by a canvass of the widely scattered hospitals where the injured were taken.

The explosion was caused by the puffing of dust accumulations in the feed house and was of frightful force, tearing out the north wall of the wooden structure and breaking windows for a quarter of a mile around.

JOHN CONROY, engineer of a switch engine on the New York, Chicago and St. Louis railroad, was blown from his cab and received internal injuries from which he died later.

Several windows in cars of a passing Nickel Plate passenger train were broken by the explosion but none of the passengers were injured. The train was brought to a standstill and many of the injured elevator men were placed in the baggage car and rushed to the station where ambulances awaited them. Every ambulance in the city was in commission.

A twelve year old unidentified boy running to the fire was struck by an automobile and instantly killed.

The body of HENRY VEITER was blown fifty feet by the explosion and was found under a box car nearby badly burned and mangled.

The elevator company employed the men and according to Vice President Husted of the company all have been accounted for except four. Employes who escaped were equally positive that many of their fellow workmen were cut off by the flames and perished. Ten men were rescued from the roof of an adjoining feed house by firemen. They had leaped from the elevator and several suffered broken legs.

Olean Times New York 1913-06-25


I bought an old desk in the

I bought an old desk in the 1990's and it had a letter in it from Theo F. Endress Phar. D. to Mrs. Arthur Endress. Theo was advising Esther not to sign anything until they knew the circumstances surrounding "this catastrophe". I have been researching these names and trying to find more information about the people involved.

Husted Mill Explosion

My Grandfather Arthur Endress was killed in this explosion. My father Arthur Endress was 4 yrs old at the time and my Aunt Violet was 7. My Grandmother was Esther. My father always said his 1st memory was fallowing his dads coffin down Good Ave to the Streetcar for funerals and went to Forest lawn Cemetery.

Buffalo grain elevator 1913

My G grandfather's company. Would appreciate all info possible..

Harris Husted


I am unaware of any monument or memorial of this site.
It would be a fitting tribute to those lost
Stu Beitler

victim of this disaster

my grandpa's step brother, Charlie Bird, was killed in this disaster. His body was never found. Was there any kind of monument or memorial put up for the men not found? thanks Marge