Brooklyn, NY Elevated Trains Collision, July 1906



Eight people were injured in a collision between two Brooklyn elevated trains on the way to seaside resorts yesterday morning. Three of the victims were so seriously injured that it was found necessary to remove them to neighboring hospitals. The other five were taken home. The accident occurred in a cut just north of the Woodruff Avenue station of the Brighton Beach line. The injured are:
DORA EWLLERHIRSCH, sixty years old, No. 962 Putnam Avenue, Brooklyn, compound fracture of the left leg, abrasions of the right thigh and shock; removed to the Kings County Hospital.
B. GRUBMAN, forty-two years old, of No. 155 East 4th Street, Manhattan, compound fracture of the left leg and shock; removed to the Kings County Hospital.
JAMES HAYES, twenty-one years old, No. 592 East 40th Street, Manhattan, cut over left eye; attended by Dr. Lazarus; home.
_____ KENNELLY, sixteen years old, No. 2053 Pacific Avenue, Brooklyn, fracture of left ankle; home.
JOHN MEYERHOFFER, forty-eight years old, No.
2969 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, cut over left eye; home.
WILLIAM PERRY, thirty-six years old, No. 300 West 140th Street, Manhattan, forehead cut; removed to the Norwegian Hospital.
NICHOLAS RICKERT, thirty years old, No. 543 Watkins Street, Brooklyn, left knee injured; home.
EDWARD SULLIVAN, twenty-two years old, No. 518 Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn, abrasion of left knee; home.
The trains were crowded with pleasure seekers outward bound from Brooklyn. Owing to a lack of precaution which the railroad officials have not explained Manhattan Beach train No. 1,381, Arlington Chichester, motorman, was permitted to swing around a curve into Brighton Beach train No. 854, which was stalled by a broken trolley wire. B. GRUBMAN, a guard, was standing on the rear platform to signal the train following, and escaped with a fractured leg.
Chichester quit his booth and climbed out of the cut with many of the passengers. When found later at the Prospect Park station he said that he did not see the stalled train owing to the heavy weather.
The crews of both trains were arrested.

New York Tribune 1906-07-30