New York, NY Ferry Boat Accident, Nov 1894


Passengers Aboard a New York Ferry Boat Injured.

NEW YORK, Nov. 23.--The new ferry boat Netherland, while on her 8 o'clock trip this morning from Hoboken, ran into the end of the slip on the New York side, striking amidships on her port side.

The boat carried over 1,000 passengers and the excitement for a time was intense. Those in the port cabin were warned of their danger by other passengers who saw the boat being carried swiftly agaihst{sic} the slip by the strong tide, but the crash came too soon for some, and they were buried in the debris fo woodwork that formerly adorned the damaged side of the vessel.

Mr. Louis A. Robert, manager of he Equitable Life Insurance company, who was a passenger and lives in Hoboken, was probably the most [the most] seriously injured, a large piece of wood striking him on the head and rupturing an artery. Others received slight injuries. It is supposed that the strong tide was the chief cause of the accident. The boat had slowed up about forty feet out, and was slowly coming into the pocket of the ship when the tide carried her with great force against the pier.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 23 Nov 1894