Salmanca, NY Flood, Jun 1889

Salamanca's Streets Washed.

SALAMANCA, June 5.---People moved out in boats from their houses on William, Water and Allegany streets and the lower end of river street. The iron bridge is unsafe, and no one is allowed to cross it except on urgent business. All churches except the Catholic were closed on Sunday, and the schools are closed. J. G. Fitt's saw mill is badly damaged, and many thousand feet of lumber went down stream. Patterson Bros.' mill and lumber yard on River street were entirely surrounded by torrents of water. All the gardens along the river are washed out.

The Olean Democrat, Olean, NY 6 Jun 1889


James G. Fitts

James G Fitts was brother-in-law to my ancestor, John Quilter.

Mr. Fitts was born in Dorchester, New Hampshire; and died in Salamanca April 2, 1893. He married Mary C. Gillies of Scotch descent, who was born on the Atlantic ocean in 1843.

Fitts made John Quilter head sawyer at the mill he acquired with a man named Kent.

Both Fitts and Quilter are buried at Wildwood Cemetery in Salamanca, NY

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