Tivoli, NY Train Hits Auto, Dec 1985


Tivoli, N.Y. (AP) -- Three people are dead after their car turned into the path of an Amtrak passenger train and was crushed into a tangled mass beneath the engine.
Dutchess County Sheriff Fred Scoralick said the car was driving south on a gravel roadway parallel to the railroad tracks in this Hudson River community about 100 miles north of New York City yesterday afternoon when the southbound train called the Bear Mountain came around a curve at 90 mph.
The engineer sounded a warning whistle when he saw the car, said Scoralick, but the car turned across the tracks and was struck broadside.
The car was crushed beneath the train's engine, which had to be lifted to remove the wreckage, Scoralick said.
All three people in the car were pronounced dead at the scene, but there were no injuries among the train's 90 passengers and five crew members, Scoralick said.
Amtrak spokesman Clifford Black said warning signs were posted at the intersection, but there were no warning lights or barrier.
"Unfortunately, grade crossing accidents are fairly common," said Black, adding that there are about 550 deaths from grade-crossing crashes annually for all railroads in the country.
Scoralick said some beer containers were found in the car, but it was unclear if alcohol contributed to the accident. He said an autopsy was scheduled for today.

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