Albany, NY Steamer J.S. ROBINSON Accident, Sep 1883


Albany, September 28. -- Early this morning the boiler in the steamer J.S. Robinson, which lay at the foot of Waterloo Street, exploded with frightful force, instantly killing Capt. GEO. S. WARNER and Fireman WM. CLEARY, and seriously injuring FRED TINSLAR, the engineer who was blown in the water and narrowly escaped drowning. WILLARD DURAND and MELVILLE RYAN, deck hands, RICHARD VANZANDT, son of Capt. Vanzandt, of the tug Cora, from New Baltimore, which was lying alongside the Robinson were also injured. Capt. ROBINSON, of the Hattie M. Betts, was blown from his pilot-house on the wharf and severely injured. The Betts which lay at the stern of the Robinson was damaged to the extent of $1,000. The Cora was a total wreck and the C.P. Groum which was lying ahead of the Robinson had part of her upper works carried away and machinery damaged. The Robinson sank immediately, carrying with her the body of CLEARY, the fireman. One section of the boiler weighing two or three tons, was hurled four hundred feet against the top story of a three-story building, crushing in a portion of the wall. Another section, weighing nearly a ton, crushed in the roof of the coal barge E. M. Downing, and still another section was hurled to the rear, grazing the cabin of the coal boat Apollo and tearing away the roof before it fell into the river. Buildings were shaken, windows shattered and general consternation prevailed in the vicinity. The exploded boiler was built by Robert Livingston in this city in 1882.

Weekly Wisconsin Milwaukee 1883-10-03