Brooklyn, NY Coney Island Train Wreck, Jun 1910


Four Persons Fatally Hurt in Sixty-Foot Tumble

Cars Leap Track, Carrying Ten of the Occupants With Them--Spectators in Panic.

New York, June 22.--At least four persons were fatally injured and a dozen others seriously hurt early today when two crowded cars of a scenic railway on the Bowery at Coney Island, running at terrific speed, jumped the track and (and) dropped a sheer 60 feet to the ground.

Something went wrong with the mechanism and as the cars were dashing around the first turn the rear car jumped the track dragging the forward car with it. Ten of the occupants were hurled from the cars, and went crashing down. Six went down with the first car and were pinned fast beneath the wreckage.

These last were the ones most seriously injured. Five of them, Misses Minnie Cobalt, Tessie Ericson, and Rose Wilson, all young girls, Richard Raddermacher and Manuel De Colo, are residents of Brooklyn. The sixth is Harry Fletcher, 20 years old of Los Angeles, Cal. Fractures of the skull were received by the three young women, besides broken bones and other injuries. De Colo is internally injured, his legs and back and both arms are broken, and Raddermacher's skull is fractured. Fletcher's injuries were reported to be concussions of the brain and four ribs broken.

As the cars took their frightful plunge spectators screamed in terror, and the panic was increased when some one switched off the electric lights.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 23 Jun 1910