Bronx, NY Drowning, Jul 1907


Although He Could Not Swim He Jumped Overboard to Rescue Parent and Went Down.

NEW YORK, July 18.---As a sad sequel to little SIDNEY JACBSON's[sic] birthday party yesterday, the youngster today lies dead at his home in the Bronx, having given his life in an effort to save his mother from drowning. Mrs. Jacobson, who was pulled out of Pellham Bay by life savers, is still in a state of collapse as the result of her experience and her son's death.

Yesterday was Sidney's fifth birthday, and Mrs. Jacobson, with a neighbor, Mrs. Zigengold, took their families on a picnic trip. In the afternoon the women hired a boat to give Sidney a ride on the bay. The women tried to change seats, and Mrs. Jacobson went overboard.

Before Mrs. Zigengold could prevent him, little Sidney had jumped in to rescue her. The lad could not swim, and quickly went under. Mrs. Zigengold tried to extend an oar to the drowning pair, but in her excitement also fell in. The women's skirts kept them up until life savers arrived. Little Sidney's body was found after two hours search.

Wilkes-Barre Times, Wilkes-Barre, PA 16 Jul 1907