New York, NY Hit in Head with Baseball, May 1937

ny new york hit in head by baseball may 1937


Detroit Skipper Shows Fine Improvement In N. Y. Hospital

NEW YORK, May 29--(AP)--Continued progress in his fight for life was made today by Mickey Cochrane, manager of the Detroit Tigers.

Cochrane, suffering from a triple skull fracture after being "beaned' by Bump Hadley in a game with the Yankees last Tuesday, spent a comfortable day in St. Elizabeth's hospital, leading his physicians to announce a definite improvement in his general condition.

Dr. Robert E. Walsh, chief in attendance upon Cochrane, said tonight it was no longer necessary to issue the twice-daily bulletins upon the player's condition.

"There's no need for anyone to stay around keeping a death watch," he explained. "Cochrane's condition is so encouraging that no bulletin will be issued tonight."

Dr. Walsh declined, however, to make a definite statement that Cochrane would survive the injury, saying he did not "want to go that far yet."

Ogden Standard Examiner, Ogden, UT 30 May 1937