Dunkirk, NY (Lake Erie) Propeller OWEGO Sinking, Nov 1867


The propeller Owego was driven ashore about for miles above Dunkirk, and when last heard from was full of water and pounding heavily on the rocks. A number of citizens of Dunkirk, together with the crew of the barque Gem, on hearing of the disaster, started for the scene with a life boat to rescue those on board the propeller. Seven of the crew of the Owego attempted to land on Saturday evening, but their boat capsized and five were drowned, viz: ORRIN PHILLIPS, engineer;
WM. JOHNSON, WM. DAVIS, SAMUEL JOHNSON and another whose name is unknown. The two mates succeded in reaching the shore. The rest of the crew were rescued from the wreck yesterday morning. The ill-fated boat will probably prove a total loss. She was owned by the Erie railway Steamboat company.

Daily Milwaukee News Wisconsin 1867-12-03