New York, NY Restaurant Explosion, Jun 1905


Explosion of Gas in Restaurant Bombarded the Bowery With Victuals.

NEW YORK, June 22.--A queer odor perceived through the restaurant at No. 304 Bowery at 6 p. m. yesterday. There were various indignant surmises as to its origin. Edward H. McDonald, the proprietor, said he would find out all about it, right away, quick. He took a candle and a match, and went down into the cellar.

A minute later there was a tremendous explosion McDonald reappeared by magic, as if he had come through the floor. His face was as black as a Hottentot's, his hair was singed, his candle was gone and was yelling "Murder!"

As McDonald blew in the front windows of the restaurant blew out, and food, furniture and patrons flew into the Bowery. A ham omelette was shot with fearful force against the side of a passing car. Huckleberry pies, chocolate éclairs, ripe red tomatoes, cans of pears, must melons and uncooked steaks were scattered in every direction over the astonished multitude. The ceiling of the restaurant was stuccoed with fried oysters.

Calls were sent for the reserves, the fire engines and the ambulances, but when a surgeon arrived from St. Vincent's Hospital he found nobody to treat except McDonald, upon whose face he put some vaseline. Upstairs lived the family of Aaron Weinberg. Grandma Weinberg was hurled from a rocker, but was not hurt. Alf the little Weinberg popped out, yelling. The piano player in the concert hall next door turned his head, but kept on. The inmates of the Defender lodging house poured out into the Bowery, some hardly clad. The firemen cut off the gas meter in the restaurant cellar.

Pawtucket Times, Pawtucket, RI 22 Jun 1905