Whitehall, NY Area Storm and Flood, Oct 1869

Damage to the Central, Erie and Hudson Railroads---Breaks in the Erie and Champlain Canals---Great Destruction of Property.

WHITEHALL, N. Y., Oct. 4.---A furious storm of rain prevailed all day yesterday and continued until noon to-day. The streams have overflowed their banks, greatly damaging the corn and potato crops. Breaks are reported in the canal at various places. Two hundred and fifty feet of the towpath has been carried away between Mechanicville and Waterford, fifty feet at Dunham's Basin, a place about three miles north of Fort Edward. The water is also over the towpath at Comstock.

At Fort Ann the water has overflowed the marsh east of the village toward Hartford, and a man named JULIUS LESSOR, of this place, while endeavoring to cross the road was drowned, as was also his team.

Several bridges on the Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad are swept away and the track is also washed out in several places. Several bridges are gone on the Rutland and Washington Railroad. There has been no train from the south to-day, and none from the east since 6 o'clock this morning. The main break on the Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad is at Mechanicville. The trains are announced to commence running to-morrow.

The New York Times, New York, NY 10 Oct 1869