Amboy Center, NY Jet Crashes, Sep 1957

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Amboy Center, N.Y. -- (AP) -- An Air National Guard pilot was killed in a plane crash in Upstate New York yesterday.
Killed when his F-94-D jet plane failed to come out of a spin over a heavily wooded area one mile south of Amboy Center, Oswego County, at 11:15 a.m. was First Lt. GILLES A CHARLEBOIS, 25, of the 138th Fighter Squadron, Air National Guard, at Hancock Field.
According to information supplied by Col. Curtis J. Irwin, 138th Squadron commander, Lt. CHARLEBOIS was flying his jet plane in the number two position with Capt. Edgar Pritchard, operations officer of the 138th, piloting the second plane.
The planes were in a transition type of flight and were doing acrobatic and formation flying at an altitude of 16,000 feet. As Lt. CHARLEBOIS'S plane entered a loop he radioed Pritchard that he was in a spin.
Capt. Pritchard told him to drop his tip (wing) tanks. Lt. CHARLEBOIS replied that he could not do it and was then ordered to jetison the canopy and to bail out by means of the ejector seat.
This was the last word of communication between the two planes before the ill-fated jet plummeted to earth. Residents of the area heard the crash and a call was placed immediately with the Oswego County Mutual Aid System.
Capt. Pritchard, unable to land in the area, flew back to Hancock Field to report. The planes had left Hancock Field at 10:30 a.m.
Members of the Williamstown Volunteer Fire Department were rushed to the scene when the plane was burning, scorching trees around the area.
According to information supplied by Col. Irwin, Lt. CHARLEBOIS was killed instantly but the body was badly burned before being removed from the flaming wreck.
Lt. CHARLEBOIS resided in 106 Peck Court, Syracuse with his wife, Mrs. Barbara Charlebois.
He was the son of Aime A. Charlebois of Aviation Road, Glens Falls, N.Y.

Post Standard Syracuse New York 1957-09-05